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We present a series of mobile thermal printers that are used everywhere where you need a small, fast, light and efficient printer.

Multifunction, portable printer. Prepared to work in difficult conditions. An example would be forest services, which use it, for example, during timber records. At the other end of the scale are the doctors, especially of the first contact, visiting patients at home. Basically it is a universal device that can be used wherever black and white print on width paper is enough 112 mm.

The solid construction, water resistance and capacious battery ensure comfort while working with the printer in virtually any conditions. The mechanism used in it allows for quick printing on paper up to 112 mm wide with a resolution of 8 points per mm. Who will use such a printer?

First of all, people who value speed and mobility during field prints.

Mobile thermal printers MEFA 15,18, Eskulap or Spedytor series. The printout requires paper that changes color when heated. This type of printing is monochrome. The extremely simple design of the printer means that it can work in many environments. Definitely is doing well in the field. It is not afraid of rain, fog, stream of water, frost or fall. It is such a simple device that it basically doesn't there is something to break in it. And by the way its housing is protected by a rubber cover. In any color.

Printers work quietly and quickly and the printout is legible. The barcode scanner reads printed codes easily included in prescriptions or waybills. The paper feed system allows for very quick replacement. No postponement required paper. Just put the roller in the cassette and close it. If the roll is smaller than the standard width, it is necessary the supplied paper stop may be used.

Nothing prevents you from printing self-adhesive labels (applies to MEFA-18 / MEFA 18M / Spedytor models). All you have to do is replace the thermal paper roll for a roll of labels.

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